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      Mingtai aluminum foil uses

      Mingtai aluminum foil uses

      Mingtai Aluminum is a large domestic aluminum foil manufacturer?that can produce 0.012mm-0.8mm thick aluminum foil of various specifications, including 1050 aluminum foil, 1060 aluminum foil, 1060 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil, 8006 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil, 8079 Aluminum foil, etc. With excellent product quality, preferential prices, and thoughtful after-sales service, the company enjoys a good reputation in the industry and has won many honorary titles!

      aluminum foil manufacturer (1)
      aluminum foil manufacturer (1)

      Introduction of five typical uses of Mingtai Aluminum Foil:

      1, Food packaging aluminum foil

      There are two main applications of aluminum foil in food packaging: one is aluminum-plastic or aluminum paper composite packaging; the other is aluminum-plastic paper multilayer composite packaging. Aluminum foil packaging has many advantages. According to statistics, the demand for Chinese food aluminum foil is about 30,000 tons / year. In addition, China’s food industry is in a period of development, and there is still much room for development of aluminum foil video screen packaging in the future.

      2, Medicine Aluminum Foil

      Medicine Aluminum Foil?is mainly used for packaging of water products, granules, capsules, tablets and other products, as well as easy-open bottle caps and medicinal PTP aluminum foil. PTP aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging has the advantages of moisture and light protection, safety, hygiene, and convenient portability. One of the best pharmaceutical packaging materials at present. In recent years, the pharmaceutical foil market has developed rapidly. On the one hand, the pharmaceutical market has developed rapidly; on the other hand, the application rate of aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging has continued to increase.

      3. Composite foil for automobile

      Aluminum foil is used in automobiles in two ways, one is composite foil for automobile air conditioners; the other is composite foil for automobile radiators, which are used to manufacture automobile radiators, condensers and evaporators. At present, China’s annual demand for aluminum foil for automotive air conditioners reaches 15,000 tons, and the annual demand for aluminum foil for automotive water tanks is about 0.3 million tons.

      4. Aluminum foil for cables

      Cable foil is made by attaching special plastic film (0.058mm thickness) on the upper and lower surfaces of 0.15-0.20mm thick aluminum foil.

      5, Honeycomb foil

      Aluminum honeycomb core material uses hexagonal honeycomb core made of 3003 aluminum foil, aluminum foil thickness 0.02 ~ 0.06mm, Honeycomb foil?has been widely used in high-rise building exterior wall decoration with sound insulation due to its many advantages such as light weight, high strength and high rigidity. , Heat insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, thermal insulation, no harmful gas release advantages.

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