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      Mingtai 5052-h112 aluminum plate specifications and prices

      5052-h112 aluminum plate specifications and prices

      People often ask, can 2mm5052 aluminum plate be made? 6mm 5052h112 aluminum plate, can 1m wide be made?

      What about 2mm 5052 aluminum sheet price? 6mm 5052h112 aluminum plate price? Here are the specifications and prices of Mingtai 5052-h112 aluminum plate.

      Mingtai aluminum sheet (8)
      Mingtai aluminum sheet (8)

      What is the impact of 2mm5052 aluminum plate price

      Specific price of 2mm 5052 alloy aluminum plate = Yangtze River aluminum ingot price + 5052 alloy aluminum plate processing fee

      The Yangtze River aluminum ingot price can be based on the aluminum ingot prices published by the World Aluminum Network, non-ferrous metal network and other platforms as a reference. The processing cost of 5052 alloy aluminum plate is related to length, width and thickness.

      The 5052 alloy aluminum plate is a common aluminum plate on the market. The thickness is 2/3/4 / 5mm. These are conventional thicknesses. Most aluminum plate manufacturers can produce it. The competition is fierce and everyone will fight the price. Then the price of 2mm5052 is relatively cheap. On the contrary, there are fewer aluminum plate manufacturers capable of producing thicknesses below 1mm, and thinner is more expensive, so 5052 aluminum plates with a thickness of 1mm are more expensive.

      Mingtai aluminum sheet (7)
      Mingtai aluminum sheet (7)

      The common widths of the 5052 alloy aluminum plate market are 1000mm, 1250mm, and 1500mm. These are conventional widths. Then the price of 5052 aluminum plate is also relatively cheap. On the contrary, the width of 1800mm or more is an ultra-wide aluminum plate. Domestic aluminum plate manufacturers can also produce aluminum plates. Less, 5052 ultra-wide aluminum plate is also more expensive.

      Generally speaking, the conventional width 2mm5052 aluminum plate is cheaper, and the ultra-wide width (above 1800mm) 2mm5052 aluminum plate is more expensive.

      2mm5052 aluminum plate recommended Mingtai Aluminum

      Mingtai Aluminum is a large aluminum plate manufacturer. The main products of 5052 aluminum plate are high-end oxide aluminum plate and 5052 ultra-wide aluminum plate (width up to 2600mm). aspect.

      If you want to know the specific price of 2mm5052 aluminum plate, please contact Mingtai Aluminum, please provide specific specifications (length, width, thickness) and dosage, and we will arrange a professional business manager to give you a quote. Even if you don’t know the specific alloy specification, you can provide the application, and the business manager will recommend the appropriate aluminum plate product for you.


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